Yes, ANY Dog Can Bite

We take our staff and pets safety very seriously at the Good Dog Spot. We recently had an incident we wanted to make you aware of and to answer any concerns you might have.

Our Office Manager, Jacob, was badly bitten by a dog who came for a walk in nail trim and slipped out of his collar in the lobby.  Jacob sustained serious lacerations to his face and will require plastic surgery.  We’re not sure when he’ll be back but we’re in close contact and will let everyone know more as we learn more.  Please keep him in your thoughts. (We have a card in our lobby for you to sign if you want to wish him well.)

This is the first time in 10 years we have had such a serious incident. While grateful for that fact, there are several take-aways from this troubling event that we can all learn from.

1) While your dog is in our lobby, your dog is your responsibility. You must supervise them at all times. This also means they must be on a well-fitting collar, harness or gentle leader and leash, and under your control at all times. When the dog is in our care, then he/she is our responsibility.

2) Any dog can bite. Your dog may be well behaved at home or in a comfortable environment, but they may not be as well behaved in an unfamiliar environment or around different people. Please don’t assume they don’t need a leash because they don’t require one at other times. Dogs can get nervous around people, animals and new situations, so “Better safe than sorry” is the rule to follow.

3) Please make sure your pet’s equipment fits properly! Similar to child safety seats, there is a correct way to fit your pet’s collar or harness to ensure they don’t escape from them and they stay safe. They should be checked regularly to ensure that nothing has changed.  Weight loss or gain, thickening or thinning of coat and also excessive pulling all can contribute to collar or harness that is too loose or too tight for your pet.  If you have questions about it, PLEASE ask one of our staff experts. We want to make sure EVERYONE in our facility stays safe.  If you forget your leash or do not feel safe with your pet’s equipment, we have slip leads available in the lobby.  Please leave your pet in your car and get a leash from us.  We will gladly let you borrow one!

We also also found this group on Facebook called The Yellow Dog project which helps owners identify a dog who needs space. Read more about it here.

Let’s keep people and pets safe!






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