Michele & David Foley

In terms of feedback, we can’t say enough about the care our girls receive from your staff. Corona and Calisi definitely aren’t easy going dogs, and your staff is able to accommodate their individual needs in a personal and caring way.

We truly appreciate all the hard work you all do.

-Michele & David Foley

Myriam and Scott Skolick

We are very happy with your services and the respectful way you treat our pet (and us).  It’s a relief to know that he’s well taken care of and that he’ll be tired when he gets home 🙂

Thanks for all you do.  Exceptional service!

-Myriam and Scott Skolick


I just want to let you know that I was very pleased with ‘Boo’s’ grooming session.. And she seemed to be as well! Definitely less fur around the house, less hairballs and no mats! I will definitely be taking her again to maintain as she is long hair and this seems to keep things under control!  Definitely will be back!


Anke Campbell

“My name is Anke Campbell, I’m an 8 year old female German Shepherd who has been a guest of Good Dog Spot since I was 2 years old.  I still remember my first visit with Elizabeth (she’s awesome!) for my evaluation.  GDS staff wanted to figure out where I fit in with their current pack, my play style and whether I get along with everyone.  Turns out, even though I am considered a big dog breed, my play style is more of a medium sized dog.  I also prefer an orderly mellow group, absolutely adore puppies (they can do no wrong!) and have a tendency to let others know if they need to calm down a bit.  GDS has a color coding system for us, we are either red, yellow or green.  I am and will always be a red dog but between my training with Mom and Dad and the reinforcement from GDS staff, I get good report cards and have lots of furry friends!  I really like the boy dogs and being a gorgeous black and tan female, have lots of boyfriends!!!  Green dogs are a bit out of control if you ask me, they play nonstop and act all wild and crazy.  So against my GSD nature, I need order and structure in my life thank you!

And did I mention the staff at GDS?!  OMG, they are amazing and totally get me.  They are trained to understand dog behavior and provide positive reinforcement which works great for me – negative reinforcement bites!  I love them all and could not pick a favorite!  They provide a safe, fun environment for me and my friends to play inside and outside.  We also have nap time which is good because sometimes we get tired (okay, cranky!).

I attend 2 days a week and get so excited when we get close to GDS that I talk until we get there!  Anyhow you get the picture – GDS staff are my second family.  Mom trusts them to take good care of me and they do.  Thanks Good Dog Spot for helping make (me) a good dog “great”!
Happy tails and much love from your furry friend,


-Delievered to The Good Dog Spot by Chris Campbell

Lynn Pellerano

“I have been waiting 7 years to take our first dog to TGDS and I can say with 100% confidence it was worth the wait!  Everyone there treats Rose as if she was their own and we never worry about her under their watchful eye. We trust them implicitly with our precious child. In addition to the high quality care she receives, she is also learning while having so much fun.  The creativity they demonstrate is terrific and we can’t wait to see what they will do with the dogs next!”

-Lynn Pellerano

Kathy Stec

“My dog, bean, and I, LOVE The Good Dog Spot! I honestly cannot say enough good things about both the staff as well as the facility.  The grooming FAR EXCEEDS all the places I had tried previously in NYC, which means bean comes all the way to Chicopee for her beautification!! When we are in town, we also take advantage of their fantastic day care!!  (Such fun and innovative activities!!) Bean is always happy and excited to see her friends…and tired out from all the fun she had when it’s time to go home.  I am so lucky to have “found them” in their earlier days and have enjoyed watching them grow over the past 8 years.    FANTASTIC!!”

-Kathy Stec & Bean, NY, NY

Jessica Jedziniak

“I lived in Chicopee approximately 10 months ago. At the time, my dachshunds, Skip and Wheatley, who used to come to you guys for doggie daycare. I had to move suddenly, and was unable to let you guys know. But I wanted to say THANK YOU! for their experience at The Good Dog Spot. Not sure if you remember my boys or not, but I remember you guys fondly. I appreciate the love you gave to them, and I want to let you know that they did not stop coming to you all by any choice of mine! I have nothing but positive things to say about you all.

Thank you again, and I wish The Good Dog Spot nothing but awesome things in the future.”

-Jessica Jedziniak

Lisa Dow

“I would highly recommend TGDS. I’ve been sending my dog Tucker there for about 3 years. The staff is great and Tucker loves going there.”

-Lisa Dow

Keef Blohm

“If you need daycare for your dogs this is the place.”

-Keef Blohm

Andrea Hickson

“The daycare at the Good Dog Spot is the best in the Greater Springfield area. The employees there are very kind and caring to all the dogs.”

-Andrea Hickson