I just wanted to reach out and say we are absolutely thrilled with Harper’s time at TGDS so far. Having only been there a handful of times, we are already seeing a difference with her. At first we were nervous, Harper was often timid around other dogs, especially hyper or larger dogs (and most dogs are definitely bigger than her!). This weekend we took Harper to the dog park in Longmeadow three times because she was having so much fun with other dogs there. She was finally running around, playing, and being a dog! 

We have always had great interactions with everyone there, they always greet her by name, and when we have called with questions or to make reservations everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I knew we had put her in good hands when she was so excited to see some staff at The TJO Puppies on the Patio event, she kept trying to run over to TGDS booth instead of checking out other events. 

I am a professor at Elms, so I am back to work after the nice summer off and Harper will be coming on Mondays each week. 

Thank you again for providing such a great experience for Harper, and a place we can trust. 



Goldenberg Family

We want to thank Shannon and everyone at TGDS once again for being so flexible with us when having to make last minute changes. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience but things were just out of our control. It was SO THOUGHTFUL of TGDS to send their condolences on the passing of our Gem.  It is the type of personal touch that makes everyone at TGDS true professionals. They run their business in a completely professional manner with the added benefit of personal accommodation and It does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

The Goldenberg Family



Debra Maurer

I want to thank you so much. We brought Charlie to your Northampton location for grooming and not only does he look better then he ever did, he also has anxiety and we could never find a groomer that could handle him. Thank you again, I am so happy and pleased with your place I will advertise it to everyone on MY FACE BOOK page with his gorgeous picture.

– Debra Maurer


Vivian Pollard

“We had Sheba groomed by Lisa today and she did an outstanding job! We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful service we have received at your facility, and Sheba loves it there! Thank you for your hard work and all you do to care for our puppy! It means the world to us!”

-Vivian Pollard


Ruth Callahan

My dog Charlie LOVES The Good Dog Spot. He starts jumping and barking excitedly as soon as we turn into the parking lot. He can’t get inside fast enough . . .which is amazing considering how he was when I first adopted him. Charlie was a stray from Texas who missed the early critical time for socialization and he was terrified of everything and everyone. The simplest activities were a huge challenge for him. He would tremble and collapse if I put a leash on him. But with love and time and the guidance of a wonderful trainer he slowly came around. When Charlie first started going The Good Dog Spot he was still quite shy but the fun atmosphere and the attentive staff really helped Charlie to come out of his shell. The place is great! It’s so clean and bright and the dogs have so much room to play. I love all the activities and events that they organize. It’s so nice to see all the photos of happy dogs on their website, Facebook page, calendars, and yearbooks. The individualized monthly report cards are great! I don’t remember ever seeing such a well-run organization. But more than anything the staff is incredibly caring. I can’t say enough how grateful I am that this wonderful place is part of our community.

-Ruth Callahan


Megan Hudson

We left town for a day and boarded our dogs and they ended up on TV! The Good Dog Spot is the place to be!

-Megan Hudson

Annamarie Grisé

We are thrilled to have found the Good Dog Spot for our puppy, Rhone! We are extremely impressed with their facility, the selection of their services offered and the quality of care provided is definitely the best in Valley. Rhone had his first day of daycare yesterday and we could not have been more pleased with the communication and feedback provided from the Good Dog Spot’s team throughout the day and when we picked him up in the afternoon! We are excited to have Rhone visit the Good Dog Spot each week and he is excited to go back and see all his new friends!

-Annamarie Grisé

Karen Martin

Albert seems to enjoy day care and for us it is a blessing to know he is in a safe place where he can expend some of his enormous energy! Staff are always pleasant and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend Good Dog Spot.

-Karen Martin

Lynn & Amber (Rose’s Moms)

Amber and I continue to be so impressed with the staff and services.  Everyone truly treats us like a part of the family and we have every confidence she is in great hands under your watchful eye.  The creativity you continue to demonstrate is greatly appreciated and I can’t sing your praises enough with anyone who will listen.

-Lynn & Amber (Rose’s Moms)

Bianca, Karen & Robert (Canata Bodyston)

Not even sure where to begin…Bianca started going to “school” at GDS in 2012…the best thing we ever did! She’s in attendance every Monday and Thursday…if she can’t go due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or an appointment…she strokes out!!! Seriously freaks out! If I don’t have her out the door and in the car on the way to GDS by 6:45, she’s stroking out in the house!!! If she’s doing an overnight…she knows as soon as I pull her blanket out of her crate!!! 🙂  She is the happiest girl ever when she’s at GDS! She loves her “people” and her “classmates” and we do too! The staff is truly amazing and fabulous…I write ridiculous notes on her bags when she stays over because I feel like everyone who works there needs to be appreciated for what they do on a daily basis!  Bianca is our kid and we want to be sure that she is well taken care of…no worries thanks to GDS!! Everyone we know who is a pet parent gets the GDS Rocks Our World speech!!! Grooming, training, overnights, and “school” is the best ever!!! We’ve had to change from calling it Good Dog Spot, to GDS, to daycare, to school…we’re now calling it ‘scuela because she has figured out what we’re saying and freaks out!!! We trust no one else but GDS to take care of our girl…and given the fact that she has had her fair share of medical issues, it’s a huge deal for us! The fact that everyone there will listen to my ridiculous stories (not even about Bianca some days!), share advice, provide a report card (!), love our girl as if she was their own, and are always positive and happy makes leaving Bianca there easy to do! Life is good for Bianca (and us!) thanks to the Good Dog Spot and everyone who works there!!!!! Best.Decision.Ever.

-Bianca, Karen & Robert