Ruth Callahan

My dog Charlie LOVES The Good Dog Spot. He starts jumping and barking excitedly as soon as we turn into the parking lot. He can’t get inside fast enough . . .which is amazing considering how he was when I first adopted him. Charlie was a stray from Texas who missed the early critical time for socialization and he was terrified of everything and everyone. The simplest activities were a huge challenge for him. He would tremble and collapse if I put a leash on him. But with love and time and the guidance of a wonderful trainer he slowly came around. When Charlie first started going The Good Dog Spot he was still quite shy but the fun atmosphere and the attentive staff really helped Charlie to come out of his shell. The place is great! It’s so clean and bright and the dogs have so much room to play. I love all the activities and events that they organize. It’s so nice to see all the photos of happy dogs on their website, Facebook page, calendars, and yearbooks. The individualized monthly report cards are great! I don’t remember ever seeing such a well-run organization. But more than anything the staff is incredibly caring. I can’t say enough how grateful I am that this wonderful place is part of our community.

-Ruth Callahan