I just wanted to reach out and say we are absolutely thrilled with Harper’s time at TGDS so far. Having only been there a handful of times, we are already seeing a difference with her. At first we were nervous, Harper was often timid around other dogs, especially hyper or larger dogs (and most dogs are definitely bigger than her!). This weekend we took Harper to the dog park in Longmeadow three times because she was having so much fun with other dogs there. She was finally running around, playing, and being a dog! 

We have always had great interactions with everyone there, they always greet her by name, and when we have called with questions or to make reservations everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I knew we had put her in good hands when she was so excited to see some staff at The TJO Puppies on the Patio event, she kept trying to run over to TGDS booth instead of checking out other events. 

I am a professor at Elms, so I am back to work after the nice summer off and Harper will be coming on Mondays each week. 

Thank you again for providing such a great experience for Harper, and a place we can trust.