Bianca, Karen & Robert (Canata Bodyston)

Not even sure where to begin…Bianca started going to “school” at GDS in 2012…the best thing we ever did! She’s in attendance every Monday and Thursday…if she can’t go due to scheduling conflicts, illness, or an appointment…she strokes out!!! Seriously freaks out! If I don’t have her out the door and in the car on the way to GDS by 6:45, she’s stroking out in the house!!! If she’s doing an overnight…she knows as soon as I pull her blanket out of her crate!!! 🙂  She is the happiest girl ever when she’s at GDS! She loves her “people” and her “classmates” and we do too! The staff is truly amazing and fabulous…I write ridiculous notes on her bags when she stays over because I feel like everyone who works there needs to be appreciated for what they do on a daily basis!  Bianca is our kid and we want to be sure that she is well taken care of…no worries thanks to GDS!! Everyone we know who is a pet parent gets the GDS Rocks Our World speech!!! Grooming, training, overnights, and “school” is the best ever!!! We’ve had to change from calling it Good Dog Spot, to GDS, to daycare, to school…we’re now calling it ‘scuela because she has figured out what we’re saying and freaks out!!! We trust no one else but GDS to take care of our girl…and given the fact that she has had her fair share of medical issues, it’s a huge deal for us! The fact that everyone there will listen to my ridiculous stories (not even about Bianca some days!), share advice, provide a report card (!), love our girl as if she was their own, and are always positive and happy makes leaving Bianca there easy to do! Life is good for Bianca (and us!) thanks to the Good Dog Spot and everyone who works there!!!!! Best.Decision.Ever.

-Bianca, Karen & Robert