Come. Sit. Watch Us Play!

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Pet Parents can have peace of mind knowing they can log on at any time and see that their pup is happy and healthy! Webcam access is included in our membership packages, or is just $12/month for unlimited access. Please call or email to sign up!

There are areas in the playrooms that are out-of-view, so just because you can’t see you dog doesn’t mean he isn’t in there having a blast! Staff members also tend to stand out-of-sight, but playrooms are ALWAYS supervised with someone physically in the playroom. If you see no people or dogs in the room, the dogs may be outside for a potty break, a pool pawty, or may be getting ready for naptime. Feel free to contact us with any questions about what you are seeing on the webcams. 

*Please note that the links below will only work on a desktop, laptop etc.

To view your pet on a smart phone, tablet, ipad etc, you must purchase the Online Doggy app.
App is available for your iphone, ipod, & android. Please note there is a charge to purchase this app. Be sure to unsubscribe to automatic renewal. 



Technical Support
If you’re having issues please contact Online Doggy Support as they can be of assistance.

Visit Your Pet Anytime!

Have the comfort of knowing you can visit your pet online anytime while they are in our care. Check from work, home, or anywhere you have a computer, and know they are happy and healthy with our webcam system.

Webcam Access

Access included in many of our monthly memberships or on a month-to-month basis. If you would like to know more please call or email. The Good Dog Spot will not be held accountable for failures due to power outage, technical problems or software issues.