Self – Serve Dog Wash

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Only available in our Northampton location


Bathing your pet at home can be a HUGE hassle. Does this sound familiar: Wrestling your dog into the tub, water everywhere, fur clogging the drain, your back and knees aching, and wet dog smell on your towels and furniture? We’ve got the solution to make the memory of washing your dog in your own home, a distant one! Our Self-Serve Dog Washing Stations provide everything you need to bathe your dog in a safe, convenient, and comfortable environment!


smiley-drop The Washing Stations include bathing units that are equipped for dogs of all   sizes, accommodates any amount of fur and grime and stand at  a comfortable height for you!

wind-clipart-windOur Drying stations include high velocity, professional grade dryers. Ramps or an extra set of hands are available to assist large dogs into the tub or the drying station!


Supplies Included:
Choice of Shampoo and Cologne
Grooming loop to keep your dog safely in place
Comb and brush
Nail Clippers
Ear Cleaner and cotton swabs
Apron to keep you dry

Additional Options: Premium Shampoo & Conditioner options (range +$2 to $5), Tooth Brush & Toothpaste (+$3), Bandana (+$3)

Your first visit includes a thorough demonstration to teach you how to use the equipment.
The last Dog Wash is one hour prior to closing for lunch or for the day.

$20 per dog
$108 for 6 washes ($12 savings!)  $18/wash
$192 for 12 washes ($48 savings!) $16/wash



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