We make good dogs look great!


Every dog and cat, regardless of size, breed, age or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis.TJO dog 1 after (3) (1)

At The Good Dog Spot, your pet’s grooming is an all-encompassing ‘Spaw’ experience consisting of:

  • Therapeutic massaging action of the HydroSurge bathing system
  • Healthy, all natural shampoo
  • Nail trim
  • Ear & eye check/cleaning
  • Soothing brush massage
  • Blow-dry to the relaxing sounds of classical music
  • Trimming and styling to your specification

Grooming rates start at $50 and vary based on breed specifics, coat condition and temperament. Please call for a “paw” sonalized estimate.

We offer various a la carte grooming services and add-ons as well; some are walk-in and some require an appointment.  

Walk-In Services

Please note no appointment is necessary for these services; please call before arrival to confirm a groomer is on site.   

Nail Trim & File $16

Pawticure (trim, file & polish)  $22

Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning  $20

Touch-Up Service  $22 – $28
Perfect for in-between grooming appointments; the touch-up includes a nail trim, brush out, and neatening of hair on the face and feet. Must be scheduled within 3-5 weeks of full grooming appointment.

Add on “Spaw Packages”:

Comfort $8
Includes lavender and oatmeal bath, aromatherapy, and Nourish vitamin conditioner.

Renew $11
Includes ginger and pink grapefruit bath, aromatherapy, fresh facial scrub, Nourish vitamin conditioner.

Ultimate $20
Includes white tea and vanilla bath, fresh facial scrub, nail and paw treatment, aromatherapy, and Nourish vitamin conditioner.

Medicated Treatment $12 – $18
Designed for dogs with dry, sensitive skin or allergies; the medicated treatment includes an oatmeal shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment.

De-Shed Treatment $12 – $18
The de-shed treatment includes a natural shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to remove dead hair, followed by thorough drying and brushing out with brushes designed to remove the undercoat.

De-Skunk Treatment $15 – $22
If you fur-baby has an encounter with a not so sweet smelling friend, let us help make your dog smell sweeter again.

De-Flea Treatment $15 – $22
It is never fun when your dog gets fleas; let us give him a flea treatment to stop the itching.

Custom Color $10 – $25+
If your pooch has a big day and wants a little extra flair, let our groomers give him a color to remember.

Add-On Services:

Color Shampoo (black, white, blonde, or red) $5
Get your dog a touch-up of color. 

Scent of the Month $5
A refreshing new shampoo and cologne scent every month!

Facial $8
A doggie facial includes a relaxing face massage and helps with tear stains.

Dental Treatment $9
Includes brushing of the teeth with toothpaste made just for dogs as well as a breath-freshening rinse.

Collar Wash $4
Don’t let your dog get ring around the collar LOL; get his collar washed and smelling great.

Nail Polish $5
When your dog needs a little extra pampering.

To save on multiple services please check out our Memberships page.

Please note: TGDS’s grooming health requirements require all dogs must show written proof of current Rabies vaccinations. Puppies under 6 months of age who have not had a Rabies vaccine are welcome. For more vaccination information please click here.

Prices updated on site on 1/13/18. All prices listed here are subject to change.