We make good dogs look great!

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Every dog and cat, regardless of size, breed, age or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis.

At The Good Dog Spot, your pet’s grooming is an all-encompassing ‘Spaw’ experience consisting of:

  • Therapeutic massaging action of the HydroSurge bathing system
  • Healthy, all natural shampoo
  • Nail trim
  • Ear & eye check/cleaning
  • Soothing brush massage
  • Blow dry to the relaxing sounds of classical music
  • Trimming and styling to your specification

The average rate is $45-50; please ask for a more specific estimate based on breed, coat type, size, and temperament.

A la carte grooming services and add-ons are also available:

Nail Trim & File $12
Please note: No appointment necessary – just call to confirm a groomer is on site.                 

Pawticure (trim, file & polish)  $18

Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning  $15

Touch-Up Service  $22 – $26
Perfect for in-between grooming appointments; the touch-up includes a nail trim, brush out, and neatening of hair on the face and feet. Must be scheduled within 3-5 weeks of full grooming appointment.

De-Shed Treatment $15
The de-shed treatment includes a natural shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to remove dead hair, followed by thorough drying and brushing out with brushes designed to remove the undercoat.

Medicated Treatment $15
Designed for dogs with dry, sensitive skin or allergies; the medicated treatment includes an oatmeal shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment.

Scent of the Month $4
A refreshing new shampoo and cologne scent every month!

Dental Treatment $8
Includes brushing of the teeth with toothpaste made just for dogs as well as a breath-freshening rinse.

Special Spaw Treatment Add-Ons

Comfort $8
Includes lavender and oatmeal bath, aromatherapy, and Nourish vitamin conditioner.

Renew $14
Includes ginger and pink grapefruit bath, aromatherapy, fresh facial scrub, Nourish vitamin conditioner.

Ultimate $20
Includes white tea and vanilla bath, fresh facial scrub, nail and paw treatment, aromatherapy, and Nourish vitamin conditioner.

To save on multiple services please check out our Memberships page.

Please note: TGDS’s grooming health requirements require all dogs must show written proof of current Rabies vaccinations. Puppies under 6 months of age who have not had a Rabies vaccine are welcome. For more vaccination information please click here.