Why is daycare necessary?

Dog daycare is a great way to provide your dog with the exercise and socialization it needs to be a balanced, well-behaved dog. Bringing your dog to daycare can help reduce boredom, anxiety, loneliness, house-soiling, and destructive behaviors that can be caused by dogs being left alone during the day. Dog daycare is not for every dog, but here at TGDS we try to work with most temperaments to improve your dog’s socialization skills.

What sets The Good Dog Spot apart from other daycares?

The Good Dog Spot is a behavior-focused daycare. We are constantly working to reduce stress and anxiety and promote positive behaviors, through positive-reinforcement training methods, and low-arousal playgroups. While we want your dog to leave here tired, we do not want them to be tired due to over-arousal. Over-arousal can lead to as many problem behaviors as boredom. Staff members are trained to watch body language and to intervene before play becomes too rambunctious. We work on teaching your dog to play appropriately with other dogs and to continue to listen to humans while interacting with their friends. We hope that these values carry over to their home life. We work with pet parents to instill proper leadership techniques at home.

Don’t take it from us, hear what other pet parents say about TGDS daycare program.

Before your Dog can stay with us:

All pet parents must submit a fully completed application and attend an evaluation day. Download our daycare application here, complete, then call to schedule an evaluation appointment. Evaluations are typically done Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please allow for a 30-minute meeting with a staff member upon pick-up on your evaluation day so we can discuss with you how your dog did.

Please view our Daycare Guidelines before applying to ensure your dog is eligible.

Other important facts about daycare at The Good Dog Spot:

  • Over ten thousand square feet of play space.
  • Five separate indoor play spaces and two outdoor spaces.
  • Dogs are separated by size and temperament for maximum safety.
  • Dogs are color-coded based on their play-style and supervision requirements.
  • Dogs are constantly supervised with a Pet Care Specialist physically in the room, equipped with slip-leads in the event dogs need to separate quickly. Dogs are never physically punished, yanked, or scruffed.
  • Positive reinforcement training methods are used throughout the day to minimize over-arousal and to promote good behaviors, like sitting, waiting at gates, and coming when called.
  • Timeouts are given to dogs who do not listen to staff members or dogs who become over-aroused during play.
  • Dogs are given nap time between 12:00 – 2:00 pm every day so that they do not become over-tired and cranky.
  • Puppies are provided specialized playgroups to ensure proper socialization and dog manners are acquired.
  • We work with dogs that are not typically accepted into more ‘traditional’ daycares.
  • For maximum safety, we require a ratio of one staff member for every ten to fifteen dogs, to ensure the dogs are getting the attention they need to be successful and to progress behaviorally.
  • Collars are removed to avoid strangulation or any other safety risks they pose during play.
  • Our facility has very detailed, and strict cleaning policies and procedures. We use cleaning products that are safe to be used with dogs in the vicinity. The areas dogs come into contact with are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • We offer webcam access to clients, so you can be sure your pet is safe and happy all day. Our webcams also allow staff to review and evaluate playroom dynamics, so that we can always make positive improvements for the dogs.
  • As a member of The Dog Gurus Off-Leash Play Community, we have access to up-to-date staff training and continuing education materials, and the most recent research on dog behavior, training, and socialization.
  • Most importantly, we know dogs! Our staff is trained in “Knowing Dogs”, an interactive staff training program. Your dog will be treated as an individual and given the proper care and rest he/she needs while with us. We ALWAYS listen to what your dog is telling us!


Daycare Rates

Frequent visitors and clients who use multiple services should visit the Memberships page to see how to save money on our services. Also check out the Birthday Pawties page to see how we can help you celebrate your pup’s special day!

One Day – $37 ($32 for each additional dog)
Five Days – $170  ($145 for each additional dog)
Ten Days – $330  ($280 for each additional dog)

Half Day (up to 5 hrs) – $28 ($23 for each additional dog)
Five Half Days (up to 5 hrs) – $125 ($100 for each additional dog)
Ten Half Days (up to 5 hrs) – $240 ($190 for each additional dog)

Passes are valid for sixty days from the date of purchase unless otherwise determined by management.

Rates effective as of January 1, 2018

Daycare WebCam Access

$12/month for unlimited access

Late Fees

$15 for one to fifteen minutes late
$30 for sixteen to thirty minutes late

More than thirty minutes late, your pet is considered an overnight guest and boarding charges apply upon pick-up the following day.

TGDS Staff will attempt to contact pet parents who are late to pick up their pets. If after thirty minutes, the pet parent has not arrived, your dog will be considered an overnight guest at the pet parents expense. If you are going to be late, please contact us to let us know. Staff members are not required to remain on the premises thirty minutes past closing for late pet parents.