Senior Pet Proof Your House

Tips to Make Getting Around a Little Easier for Your Senior Pet

Senior pets can have a harder time getting around, so here are a few ways you can help make it a little easier.

  • Provide comfortable beds in frequently used locations. Thicker beds or heated beds will feel good on your pet’s aching body.
  • Put throw rugs in areas where they frequently walk or stand, especially if you have hard wood floors or other smooth flooring. Older animals can have a hard time getting around on smooth floors. This might prevent them from being as active or could put them at risk of injury if they are slipping around. Keep in mind places where your pet might be jumping down onto the floor, like jumping off of the couch, bed, or cat tree. Also think about the stairs, and providing them a throw rug at the bottom of the stairs or any landings along the way down.
  • Make sure commonly used paths are free of clutter to prevent tripping and injuries. Try to keeps important items in a consistent location, such as food, water, beds, toys, litter boxes, and even tables and chairs. This will help your pet as their vision gets worse. Also, be aware of sharp edges around the house and add some cushioning to hard objects that your pet might frequently bump into.
  • Remove any cords or strings from pet reach. Aging pets cannot see as well or may be suffering from dementia, so getting caught in dangling strings or cords can put them at risk of strangulation.
  • Provide ramps or stairs up to beds, couches, or cars as needed. Older pets will have a harder time jumping up or off high surfaces, and doing so may increase their risk of injury. Steep stairs might also give your pet a problem as they age, so providing ramps can be a good alternative. Many pet supply stores sell different types of stairs and ramps. Building them could be a fun DIY project, also.
  • If you have an aging cat, provide them a litter box on every level of the house. Moving up and down levels to use the bathroom might become difficult for them. Providing easy accessible litter boxes can help prevent accidents out of the box.

Every pet is different and will have different needs as they age. To find other ways to make your pet more safe and comfortable as they age, monitor them. Watch them move around the house and figure out what areas or activities are giving them the most trouble, and find a way to fix it.