Spot’s Tots: the areas best puppy socialization resource

This Inaugural Program is currently only available in Northampton.

Mission of our new Puppy Socialization program

The mission of The Good Dog Spot’s Spot’s Tots Program is to provide the areas best puppy socialization program which helps good puppies develop into great dogs. This program is designed to help puppies get ready for the daycare environment and the world around them. Puppies will work on skills that are needed in playgroups such as crate training, quiet behavior during naptimes and general confidence building. Spot’s Tots also provides exposure to new things and careful handling during their most impressionable developmental period.

Curriculum & Availability

Spot’s Tots is currently only offered in Northampton on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30am – 12:30pm. Pick up is between noon and 12:30pm. You will receive a daily Report Card and short recap of your puppy’s day. Puppies enrolled in our Full day program will receive nap time from noon – 2pm and specialized supervised play in our existing daycare groups in the afternoon until pick up. If a puppy needs care on Tuesday or Friday, regular daycare is a possibility; please speak to a staff member for more information.


Spot’s Tots has a 5-day curriculum based on The Dog Guru’s Puppy Socialization Package as the basic guideline.

Day 1: Focus on the Basics and Introduction to Obstacles
Day 2: Obstacles and Surfaces
Day 3: Sounds, People, & Spaces #1 and Introduction to the Daycare and Boarding areas
Day 4: Experiences – Pretend Grooming (exposure to the grooming rooms: tubs, tables, brushes, nail trimmers, towels)
Day 5: Sounds, People, & Spaces #2 and Graduation

Woven into each play session we will be teaching and reinforcing sit, down, and come.

We encourage clients to have their puppy go through the program twice. The topics covered will not vary for the second package, but the challenges and skills learned can be intensified and further practiced. It is not necessary to do the 5 days in succession, or even the same days of each week.


5 Full Day Pass = $205.00 ($41/day)
5 Half Day Pass = $165.00 ($33/day)

Spot’s Tots is offered in 5 full or half day packages. Days can be used at client’s choosing, any time up to 16 weeks of age. A puppy can enroll in more than one 5 day package within the 10-16 week age period.

Who is eligible for enrollment in Spot’s Tots?

Any puppy between the age of 10 and 16 weeks is welcome (and encouraged) to enroll in the Spot’s Tots program, however, the puppy needs to be in their new home for 2 weeks prior to starting the program.

Vaccination Requirements

Your puppy must receive the rabies vaccine, per Massachusetts state regulations at the age determined by your veterinarian (typically 16 weeks). Beyond this core vaccination, we encourage you to have a conversation with your veterinarian about your lifestyle and beliefs and determine a vaccination protocol that best suits your needs. This could include the distemper/parvo and bordetella vaccines. It could also include deciding not to vaccinate beyond Rabies.

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