Get Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid

We all remember learning CPR and basic first aid in health class, but have you thought about taking a course which covers this topic as it relates to your pet? As a pet parent, it is important to know the appropriate steps to take in an emergency.  Jim Helems of Pet Tech has made it easier for pet owners to understand first aid with his PetSaver Training class. Jim travels throughout the Pioneer Valley offering this training class, and next month he will be offering this course at The Good Dog Spot!

With this one-day training course you will know what to do when Rover steps on a nail or Molly misses a step while running down a flight of stairs. The tips offered in this class will help you learn how to react and potentially save your pet’s life! The course also offers information on how to prevent these horrible accidents from occurring in the first place.


Emergencies happen and sometimes rushing to the veterinarian is not as effective as performing CPR right away. When it comes to Pet CPR, it is much different than human CPR. It involves 30 compressions, two breaths and will need to be repeated four times. During the PetSaver class, you will learn how to deliver these effective compressions and breaths, thus allowing for you to be prepared during any situation.

Pet First Aid

When your dog steps on a tack or breaks a toenail, it is important to know how to assess the injury appropriately. Wounds are often hidden by fur and can be small, making it difficult to locate. When these wounds are not tended to right away it can lead to major infection. Recognizing the type of bleed is also important as each wound is different. Cleaning the wound with antiseptic and appropriately covering it is imperative. In some cases this method is only a temporary fix and you may need to immediately book a visit to the veterinarian.

Take action as a responsible pet parent and sign up for the PetSaver Training class. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the one-day course. The cost is $120 and will take place at the Chicopee location on January 14th and at the Northampton location on January 21st. You may register online by following the links below.

Chicopee PetSaver Training Class

Northampton PetSaver Training Class