March 2015 Pet of the Month: Teddy

10981943_10153127988746585_5880136815975514233_o Teddy began coming to daycare when he was a big fluff ball of a pup at just four months old. All the staff immediately fell in love with his good looks and goofy personality! True to his breed, there was nothing little about him! He towered over most of his friends and had a hard time fitting comfortably into our regular sized crates for nap time. Often times he didn’t realize how big he actually was and he liked to sit on his friends, or ended up knocking them over while trying to play. Did I also mention that Teddy LOVES water? After a hard morning of playing, he can usually be found around the water buckets trying to make an indoor swimming pool. He enjoys cooling off by dunking his head in, grabbing mouthfuls, and proceeding to dump the water all over the floor so he can lay in it! In his younger days he was even able to get a paw or two in the bucket and dig the water out, but not anymore now that he’s grown! His water bucket antics make for some very funny pictures and one very wet dog!

After a short hiatus from daycare until he could be neutered, Teddy came back, and brought with him a little sister in tow! His new little sister, Ellie, adores and looks up to him and he is so gentle with her! He lays on his back and lets her climb all over him, never getting impatient with her! He has done a great job of showing Ellie the ropes at daycare and has set a good example for her on how to behave nicely with the other dogs. Teddy truly is a gentle giant and never fails to win over even the most hardened of hearts with his charms! He certainly is a favorite among the staff and other dogs at daycare