The Importance of Vitamin D

 Are you Getting Enough Vitamin D this Winter?

People tend to be much lazier during the wintertime, sleeping more, spending time inside, and having a hard time getting out of bed. It’s cold and dark, so why do anything but watch Netflix from the comfort of your home, right? Well, the tiredness you feel during the winter might be a symptom of Vitamin D deficiency. Even if we go outside, we are all bundled up so we aren’t getting as much sun exposure as we need. Severe deficiency in Vitamin D leads to weakness and bone pain. In children, it can lead to improper growth and deformities. There are some studies that suggest Vitamin D can help improve your mood, as well as reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis, such to name a few.

The best way to get Vitamin D Is sun exposure on bare skin, which can be hard to come by in the winter. Some people hit the tanning booth throughout the winter to obtain Vitamin D. Indoor tanning booths come with their own risks, but about 10 minutes of direct skin exposure is usually sufficient to get the Vitamin D you need. There are Vitamin D lamps that you can purchase, such as the one produced by Sperti, which is FDA approved. You can also get Vitamin D through the foods you eat, such as fatty fishes and egg yolks. Many foods are fortified with Vitamin D to help people get the amount they need. Although, most foods do not have enough Vitamin D to meet the daily requirements humans need, so typically other methods are needed. Supplements are another option to ensure you are getting the Vitamin D you need to stay healthy this winter. If you are worried you may be Vitamin D deficient, it’s best to talk to your doctor. They can test if you are deficient and help recommend an appropriate course of action to get more Vitamin D.