Daycare Guidelines

Age: All dogs must be at least 8 weeks in age. Puppies under 9 months old will be classified as red dogs to ensure appropriate social skills are learned, and will be placed into a Puppy Group with other puppies and appropriate adult dogs.

Newly Adopted Dog Policy: All newly adopted dogs, regardless of age or where they were acquired, must be in their new home for a minimum of two weeks prior to starting daycare. Exposing your recently adopted dog to too many new situations all at the same time can be detrimental to their mental and physical well being. Your recently adopted dog has undergone a huge life change and needs time to bond with you as well as time to adjust to their new home environment before exposing them to even more stressors such as what they would find in any pet care facility. 

Spay/Neuter Policy: All dogs must be spayed or neutered no later than 9 months of age. Special exceptions may be made for well-mannered intact dogs on a case by case basis. However, intact females may not attend daycare when they are in season.

Vaccination Requirements: A current rabies vaccination (per state law) and veterinary approval is required before dogs are admitted to daycare. Veterinarians should be able to confirm that your dog is free of contagious diseases, this includes transmittable illnesses such as parvovirus and canine cough, and internal and external parasites such as worms or fleas, and that your pet can handle the physical aspect of daycare. It is advised your dog has received its first series of vaccinations, including booster shots. These are normally done as a puppy, or if you have recently adopted a dog, animal shelters will usually start the initial vaccination series for your pet. Be sure to have copies of all the vaccinations your animal has received within its lifetime whenever possible. Proof must be submitted with application.

Health Requirements: All dogs must be in good health. Dogs that have sensitive hips, shoulders, joints, or other chronic pain may not be eligible for daycare. Dogs that have diarrhea and/or vomiting must be seen by their veterinarian and cleared in order to return to daycare. If your dog has received any live virus vaccines (including but not limited to Bordetella “aka Canine Cough” or Distemper) please keep your dog out of daycare for seven days.

Behavior Requirements: All dogs must be nonaggressive towards people and dogs. Aggressive dogs will not be accepted into daycare. Dogs with poor, but nonaggressive, play styles or other issues may be accepted into one of our specialized plans. Owners must agree to the terms of the plan.

Collars and Equipment: Please refrain from bringing your pet in on a Flexi or retractable lead. This is for the safety of staff and your dog. All collars are removed for play. We strongly advise against using a choke or prong collar with your dog, please feel free to ask any staff member about alternative antipull walking aids. Please be mindful of your dog’s actions while in the lobby—while dogs do come here to play, a lot of dogs can be territorial around their parents, and may become reactive on leash.

Breeds: All breeds are accepted; however bully breeds must follow the Bully Breed Policy. (available upon request)

Daycare Days and Hours: Monday through Friday 7am–6:30pm, Saturday 8am–4pm; We are closed for lunch 12:30–1:30pm on weekdays only.

Daycare Passes: Daycare passes are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. Daycare passes are nonrefundable in every circumstance. A credit in the amount equal to the prorated value of the number days remaining on the pass will be applied to the customer’s account. Credit may be used for retail products or grooming services.

Reservation Policy: All dogs must have a reservation to attend daycare. Reservations can be made via phone, email, or in person. Reservations can be made on a per visit basis or on a long term basis. Reservations can be done anytime up to the evening before your intended day. Same day reservations are sometimes available. This helps us to prepare for the dogs that will be attending while maintaining a proper staff to dog ratio.

Daycare Cancellation Policy: There is a $25 “no show” fee for clients who make a grooming reservation and do not show without giving prior notice. Cancellations can be done anytime up to the morning of your scheduled day.

Snow: Please be aware that The Good Dog Spot will be CLOSED if Chicopee Public Schools are closed. We are open 8-9 am and 4-5 pm on snow days for overnight care and emergency cases. If you have any questions, please call our office before bringing your pet for the most up to date information on our voicemail recording.

Late fees for Daycare Pickup: 1-15 minutes late: $15, 15-30 minutes late $30, after 30 minutes your dog is considered an overnight guest and overnight charges apply. Your pet can be picked up after 7am the following day.