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Many dog owners have questions…

here are some of the most common topics:

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Barking and Behavior

Canine Cough & Flu FAQ’s

Color Coding System

Dog Park Behaviors to Look For

What you need to know about: Colostrum

What you need to know about: Colloidal Silver

How to: Crate Train your dog

Guide to Dog Food

How to: Be an Effective Leader

How to: House Train your Dog

How to Fix Behaviors: Jumping Up

Things to Know: Before Getting a New Dog

Training Tips: Nothing is Free

What to do if: Your Dog is Becoming Reactive

What to do if: Your Dog is Starting to Become a Resource Guarder

How to: Make Your Dog Sit and Wait at Doors and Gates

Fun Ways to: Make Your Dog Tired

How to: Choose the Right Dog


Daycare Application

Daycare Guidelines

Daycare 24-Hour Policy

Bully Breed Policy


Sleepover FAQ