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2015 Yearbooks Are on Their Way!!!

“Did you say cheese?”
It is that time of year again…the 2015 Yearbooks are on their way! If you would like to place a pre-order, you can do so for the price of $15.00, or purchase them afterwards for $18.00. Either way, you are not going to want to miss your pup’s smiling face! Call The Good Dog Spot today!

Yearbook Teaser 2_042415

This Week’s Spot Special: Spa Facial


We pamper ourselves, why not pamper your pooch?!

This week’s Spot Special is $2.00 OFF a Facial Scrub!

Treat your dog to a true “spaw” day complete with a facial scrub. This lovely blueberry and fresh vanilla scented scrub is clean and refreshing and helps to remove tear stains!


It’s National Animal Control Week!

The second week in April is Animal Control Officer Appreciation week, and we at The Good Dog Spot would really like to thank all of the Animal Control Officers at Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center. This week we will be highlighting the Officers in our community. We cannot thank the Animal Control Officers enough for their service to protect the safety and health of the public while bettering the lives of animals.

Animal Control Officers respond to animal related calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In 2014 Animal Control Officers responded to 4,420 field calls (a 16% increase from 2013).

Of these, 600 were priority 1 or 2 which indicate a human or animal in danger.
128 were police or fire department emergency assists.
168 were dog bite investigations.
473 were complaints of suspected cruelty/neglect.


We would like to thank:

Officer Renee Robichaud

Officer Renee Robichaud started her career in Animal Control as a volunteer with the MSPCA and TJO. She decided to follow her passion, leaving her career as a Chemical Engineer to work in Animal Care when a position opened up at Thomas J O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center. After working in the shelter for four years, she then decided to pursue a career as an Animal Control Officer for Springfield, Holyoke and Chicopee. In addition to her day to day animal control duties, Officer Robichaud also enjoys fostering animals that are injured or too young for adoption.





Officer Elfred Mateo 

Thomas J. O’Connor’s Animal Control Officer Elfred Mateo’s interest in animals started at an early age. He helped his father with the responsibilities at their farm in Coamo, Puerto Rico. In 2003 he graduated from the High School of Science and Technology in Springfield, MA. He then proceeded to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst where he accomplished a bachelor’s degree in Science, with a focus on Animal Welfare. As an Animal Control Officer, he is fulfilling his career by educating the public about animal control safety and enforcing local and regional laws concerning the care and treatment of animals.




Officer Margaret Terkelson

Officer Margaret Terkelson started her career with animals when she enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Majoring in Pre-Veterinary Science, she learned valuable hands on experience with livestock at Overlook Farm as well as being a member of the student run goat herd. Her love for companion animals started at Valley Inn for Pets, where she worked as a Kennel Technician throughout her student life. In 2014, Officer Terkelson joined the team at O’Connor Animal Control, after moving from Boston to pursue her “dream job.” In addition to her day to day animal control duties, Officer Terkelson enjoys spending time with her family, as well as her beloved adopted dog Meeko.




Officer Shayla Howe

Growing up and working on farms grew Officer Shayla Howe’s love and appreciation for all animals. She decided to follow her passion and began her career in animal welfare as an Animal Control Officer for Williamsburg, Ma. In the fall of 2014 she joined the team of Officer’s at Thomas J O’connor Animal Control & Adoption Center. Even when she is off duty, animals are always close to her heart. One of her favorite past time’s is spending time with her four rescue pups; Grizzly, Gunner, Jäger and Shyanne.




We Thank You!

Good Dog Spot April Pet of the Month: Max!

Pet of the Month April 2015 Max

About Max:

Max is an old timer of our daycare, this April marking the third year we have been fortunate enough to have him in our care. He is affectionately known as “Old Man Max” by all the staff and the nickname suits him well. He grumbles about and scoffs at the youngin’s antics, but on the inside he is a softy and enjoys watching them have fun with all their friends. Max likes to sit on the sidelines reminiscing about the old days when he was just a young pup, and is content to let time pass by in the company of the staff and other dogs. Every once in a while Max will see an old doggie friend and has a burst of energy, running and romping around like a puppy again!

However, Max wasn’t always living the good life like he is now. Like so many other unfortunate dogs and cats, he was once homeless; neglected and discarded on the side of the road by his original family. Luckily for Max, his amazing parents found him and brought him to TJO where he finally received the care he needed to get back on his feet. When no one came to claim him, Jill and Jen welcomed Max into their home, making him a permanent member of their family. He now lives the high life being loved and pampered by his moms, and until recently enjoyed being an only child. Last month, however, a trip back down to TJO resulted in a new little brother for Max! Max now has his hands full teaching his young charge, Vinnie, the ins and outs of life in the Monson-Bishop household and here at daycare. Although Max sometimes complains, we know he loves his life and wouldn’t have it any other way!