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National Crossword Puzzle Day!

We’re having some fun with unique holidays!
Did you know that December 21st is National Crossword Puzzle Day?

Well we sure did, and we wanted to celebrate with you!

We’ve created a crossword puzzle for you to complete and enter to win! That’s right, fill it out and you can win a great prize!

You can download the crossword and print it out, or stop by our lobby for a copy, we’re taking entries till 12/31/14. And one lucky winner will receive a great prize!

For a PDF version click here.

Puzzler PuzzlerClues

Dear Valued Daycare Clients – 2015 Rates

December 15, 2014

Dear Valued Daycare Client,

With the recent rise in costs of operating a business it is necessary for us to raise our rates slightly.  With that said, effective January 1, 2015, our rates will be increasing by $2/day for daycare and most grooming. There is also a slight increase in membership rates. These rate increases reflect our commitment to continuing to provide you with the best daycare possible and never cutting corners. We truly value your business and love your dogs!

What makes The Good Dog Spot the best spot for your dog? Let us count the ways…


  • Our daycare is a behavior based daycare. We are dedicated to improving your dog’s behavior both here and at home. Throughout the day, your dog is asked to perform commands in and out of the group. If he doesn’t know them, we teach him! This improves compliance to you at home. Think about it; if he will sit, lay down, stay and come while playing with all of his best friends, it is simple for him to respond to these commands at home in a less distracting environment. Making your life less stressful!


  • Our educated staff knows dogs. Furthermore, we know YOUR dog. Our education on subtle cues and body language allow us to understand your dog’s mental state and therefore make educated decisions regarding his play group and routine. We watch for signs of stress and anxiety so we can adapt the situation to best fit your dog’s needs. This knowledge allows us to prevent issues and altercations before they arise.  We can read body language and interrupt or alter play before the dogs feel the need to do it themselves. Likewise, we use our knowledge of behavior to choose appropriate play groups which are both safe AND fun for your dog and his friends.


  • Safety is our number one priority. Your dog is supervised at all times by trained, knowledgeable staff. He is in a playgroup suitable for his age, size, and personality. He plays without a collar or equipment which could lead to injury or entrapment. Our entire facility is designed around a double gate system to ensure there are at least 2 doors or gates between your pet and the outside to prevent escape.


  • We take dog daycare to the next level with our webcams. Just like many child daycare facilities you are able to watch your best friend all day long (for a minimal charge). Now you will be able to see him romp, learn, and play!


  • We offer custom-tailored programs for training and behavioral problems. Everything from crate training to basic obedience to fear related issues, we can design a program that works for you and your dog.


  • We care about your relationship with your dog and value it. If we can help in any way, we will. We know your dog is your best friend and a member of your family. He’s also a member of OUR family and we care about his best interests above all else.


  • We know each and every dog that walks through our door; everything from the sound of their bark to their favorite playmate to their favorite spot to be scratched. He’s not “just a dog.” He’s your dog, and he’s our friend.

All of us at The Good Dog Spot wish you a happy and healthy new year. We look forward to serving you and your dog this year and for many years to come. We have included a 2015 rate card for your convenience.  If you have any questions or concerns about our rate increases or any of our practices, please don’t hesitate to talk to us. As always, we welcome your input!



Elizabeth Staples            Cory Staples

President                       Director of Operations


To view our updated rates for 2015 please Click Here .


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Our Giving Tree!

The Giving Tree

This year we are asking our clients to give back to those animals who are in need this holiday season.

Our Giving Treein the lobby is strung with tags of items to be donated to both
Thomas J O’Connor
and Rainbow Rescues.

We ask that if you are able to, please take a tag, purchase that item and place it under our giving tree before December 23rd.

December 2014 Pet of the Month: Lincoln!

About Lincoln:

Lincoln first walked through our doors when he was still a gangly pup of six months old. It is very hard not to smile when you see his enthusiasm as he comes into our lobby each morning! Between dragging his dad in at the end of the leash, to his whole body wiggle and barks of frustration when his dad is taking to long, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind as to how much Lincoln loves it here! If you find yourself nearby as he comes in though, watch out for your legs. He has no control over his tail when he gets very excited and it may feel like a wip if it hits you!

Since his first day of daycare in July of 2013, Lincoln has had no trouble making lots of friends! However, he loved hanging out with one dog in particular, Wafer, the service dog that TGDS raised through Canine Companions for Independence. When Wafer had to be returned for advanced training in August of this year, Lincoln was very upset and spent the first couple days after her departure looking for her. He eventually gave up, and although he was still a happy go lucky boy, he was a little more subdued than usual. Pretty soon we got word that Wafer was released from the program and would be returning to become a permanent member of The Good Dog Spot family. Lincoln, of course, was overjoyed by this news and there reunion was a very happy one. These days the two of them are inseparable!


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