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Closing Tomorrow!

Hello Everyone!

Because of the forecast we have decided to close tomorrow. We will be open 8-9am, and 4-5pm for boarding pickups and drop-offs. The groomers have contacted those who have appointments tomorrow, they will keep a few in the morning but will move their afternoon appointments. Please call us today if you are wondering about your appointment tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding and please have a safe and happy holiday!


Thanksgiving is Coming!!

Planning for your big Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner? 

Are you traveling and can’t take you 4 legged friend with you?

Let them spend Thanksgiving with us! We’re cooking a Turkey too!

Don’t forget to Pre-Register for your Thanksgiving weekend overnights!

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Meet November’s Pet of the Month: Raeven!

About Raeven:

It’s hard to believe that Raeven has only been attending daycare for one year! Her sweet and gentle disposition attracts all the dogs and staff to her and everyone wants to be her friend! Her gentle nature makes her a perfect role model for all the young dogs and puppies in her playgroup. Raeven’s favorite pastime is to sit by the staff’s feet and stare up at them with her puppy dog eyes until they can’t resist and lean down to pet her.

Raeven wasn’t always so calm and confident, however. On her first day she was a little nervous and shy when introduced to the other dogs. By her second day, her shyness was completely gone and she showed that she had a bit of a wild side! She soon discovered the joys of daycare and was zooming around the room voicing just how much fun she was having with all her new friends! Little by little, with each visit, Raeven began to settle into the daycare environment until she became the calm and collected member of the pack that she is today.