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September’s Pet of the Month: Maggie!

About Maggie:
Since Maggie’s first day of daycare back in May of 2013 she has impress the staff with her independent yet eager to please attitude and how quickly she has matured. Within the short year and a half she has been with us Maggie’s gone from being a shy puppy who was unsure of other dogs, to a spastic juvenile who oftentimes got into trouble for playing too rough with her friends, and finally to a well mannered young adult. She has excellent obedience and is always very quick to comply when staff asks her for basic commands.

True to her yellow dog status, Maggie gets along very well in any playgroup she is a part of. Weather it be a puppy playgroup, hanging out with her red dog friend Scooter, or in the main group of big dogs, she always fits right in! No matter what playgroup she is in, however, Maggie usually can be found wrestling with at least one of her best friends Wafer, Myla, or Mia. The four of them are inseparable! Maggie’s spunky and confident personality have endeared her to the staff and gained the respect of all her fellow daycare dogs. We’ve enjoyed watching her grow and look forward to many more years to come with her as a member of our daycare pack!maggie