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New Suites!

Great news! Our new boarding suites arrived today! Cory and Zach are hard at work installing them and will have them up and running in no time! Call now to make a boarding reservation so your pup can be one of the first to enjoy the comforts of our new suites while your away!


Creating Environmentally Friendly Dog Toys at Home!

We all love our dogs, but let’s be honest, when it comes to an animal who is just as happy to play with an old plastic bottle as they are an expensive dog toy, why would you want to spend a lot of money on dog toys? Especially when they are likely to get destroyed pretty quickly anyway. Not only are you hurting your bank account when you splash out on dog toys, but you are also hurting the environment by wasting materials unnecessarily. So if you want to save your cash, the earth, and hone some new skills, here are some creative ways to make a dog toy at home.

Braided Pull Toy

This is a great way to use up your old fabric scraps. Cut a few scraps of different fabric into strips that are about an inch wide and two feet long. Group them into three piles of about 10 or so strips. Group them together, and tie a knot in one end. Braid them together and tie a big knot in the other end. A more detailed description with pictures can be found here.

Water Bottle Toy

Dog toys obviously do not need to be complicated to make, and it can be as simple as wrapping an empty plastic water bottle in fabric, and giving it to your dog. Fleece fabric, random scraps, or even just an old sweater or sock can do the trick quite nicely. You can secure the fabric by tying a strong knot in each end.

Make Use of an Old Tennis Ball

Dogs love chasing tennis balls, and now you can even make use of ones that are on their last lives. Cut a slit in the tennis ball that is a couple of inches long. Now you can fill the ball with as many small dog treats as you can fit. Now when your dog fetches the ball, they will have a nice surprise and some tasty treats to enjoy. If your dog is having trouble getting to the treats, try lengthening the slit, or adding more small ones.

Rope Toy

Take a regular rope and tie a large knot in the middle of it. If it is a thin rope, a couple of knots might be necessary to make it big enough. If it is a long rope, try tying a few knots along the length of it.

About the Author: Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in utilizing fleece fabric, healthy living, and nutrition. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book.


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Meet our July Pet of the Month: George!



About George:

George certainly is a character! From the moment he walked through our door at only three months of age, he has never failed to put a smile on everyone’s faces with his sweet and goofy personality. As a youngster, he had a very hard time learning to control his voice. He would get so excited while playing or getting attention from the staff that he just couldn’t help but bark! With a lot of help from his human parents he has since learned to control his voice while indoors. When he gets really happy or excited (which happens very often!) he now whines and wags his whole body instead of barking!

George’s favorite pastime is sneaking up on the staff to ask for attention. He loves to come out of nowhere, sit at our side, staring up at us with his expressive eyes, tail wagging a mile a minute until we notice him. It is impossible to ignore his plea for attention and we very quickly find ourselves indulging him. Like most youngsters, George does not enjoy sharing his one on one staff time with the other dogs. If one of his friends comes over to try and get some love from the staff as well, George very calmly hits the other dog in the face with his paw over and over again until they get the hint and walk away empty handed.