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Press Release: Dog Flu Comes to MA for First Time

Contact: Elizabeth Staples
May 28, 2014

Dog Flu Comes to Massachusetts for First Time

How Should You Be Protecting Your Pet?

Chicopee, MA – According to the Massachusetts Division of Animal Health, the first ever case of canine influenza has been confirmed in Gloucester, MA. Although you may think this does not affect our area, it is like any outbreak, the dog flu spreads like human influenza.  Symptoms include:  runny eyes/nose, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, lethargy, and other symptoms that are also associated with canine cough.

“We want to stress the importance of keeping your dog home if they are exhibiting any of these symptoms,” says Elizabeth Staples, Owner of The Good Dog Spot, a dog daycare and grooming facility in Chicopee. “Just like you would keep your child home from school, we suggest not bringing your dog to daycare, a dog park or other public place when he or she is sick.  Also try to refrain from bringing them for 2 days AFTER receiving a live virus vaccine (such as bordetella or canine influenza) to avoid bringing the live virus into a public place, causing your dog and all other dogs in the area to be more susceptible.”

Your veterinarian can help assist in diagnosis and recommended vaccines.




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Attention All Dog Parents!



According to the article below, the Dog Flu has been found in Massachusetts! We would like to stress the importance of NOT bringing your dog to daycare when he/she is sick.   And also to refrain from bringing them for 2 days AFTER receiving a live virus vaccine (such as bordetella or canine influenza) to avoid bringing the live virus into the building, causing your dog and all other dogs attending to be more susceptible.

Symptoms include:  runny eyes/nose, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, lethargic, and more.


Dog flu detected in Mass. for first time

Disease similar to ‘kennel cough,’ experts say 

GLOUCESTER, Mass. —The Massachusetts Division of Animal Health has informed veterinarians that the canine influenza virus — or dog flu — has been found in the state for the first time.

First reported in Florida in 2005, the respiratory illness has been confirmed in four Essex County dogs believed to have been exposed at the same facility in Ipswich.

The disease is a respiratory-tract illness similar to the more common bordetella respiratory disease, known as kennel cough. Dog flu can produce a hacking-type cough, along with repeated throat clearing and frequent swallowing and lethargy.

The Gloucester Daily Times reports that puppies and older dogs as well as dogs already suffering from another illness are particularly vulnerable. It is rarely fatal.

There is a vaccine available.

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